How Bebejam works

  • Become a member of Bebejam community sign up from
  • Explore what events are going on, request to join or create your own event for others to participate
  • Practice with real people
  • Review your experience
  • Support and get motivated
  • Everyone gets to improve

Your motivation buddies are waiting for you

One of the best ways to stay motivated and achieve our goals is to have support. We can all get help from others and also help others regardless of our skill level. We all start somewhere and there will always be someone in a similar situation as you. You can teach others what you know, support others' goal and motivate others by organising or participating in events, setting goals or supporting others to achieve their goals. We can all become better by practicing together.

Benefits for all members

  • Having people to practice with and you are in charge
  • Get motivated and inspired with training buddies
  • Give your support and receive support from Bebejam community
  • Review and receive reviews to attact others to join our practice
  • Have a community to back you up wherever you go

Benefits for trainers

  • You can grow your hobbies into a business by having the opportunity to help others to improve
  • Flexible working options based on your choice
  • You can set the price and receiving support from Bebejam team
  • Receiving reviews and records of all the teaching sessions to show your credentials
  • Carry your reputation wherever you go

Bebejam Mission Statement

Build a fitness community where everyone can have the opportunity to be their better selves.

The Bebejam Team

Jing - Cofounder

Before her two-year-long journey of self-discivery, Jing was a chartered accountant who enjoyed her day time job, and outside work she enjoys rock climbing, swimming, scuba diving, hiking, pole dancing, yoga, meditation... almost anything you can think of. During her traveling she realised how the benefits of yoga and meditation have helped her and she wanted to share her love of these practices with others, though not necessarily by setting up and building a yoga business in one place. Then the idea of Bebejam was born. A place she can hang out with friends to practice and have fun, motivate and inspire everyone to be their better selves, the most important part of which is to enjoy life to the fullest.

Mark - Cofounder

Mark develops software because it provides a good source of new problems to solve, to keep his mind occupied. He also spends as much time as possible doing various activites, to keep the rest of himself occupied! So Bebejam is a great combination of the two to be working on, hopefully solving the problem of how to use technology to help encourage people to share exercise together and live happy, healthier lives, doing whatever they most enjoy, wherever they are.

Why we created Bebejam

Jing and Mark both love to stay active, on their own, and some days they are self-motivated enough, but there are
days when starting moving or stopping eating their favourite treats seems impossible. They find it's much easier when they
workout and eat healthily together, so they both are much more motivated and consciously working on their goals. With Mark's help Jing managed her headstand and is making good progress towards her handstand, while Mark has improved his handstand and is working on shortening his 10km running time. We would love you to feel the same. Let's be healthier, fitter and happier together.

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