-How do I know if another person is availiable to practice me?

You can start an event without setting up a specific time, then you and the other members can discuss practice on an agreed time.

-What's cost of creating an event?

It is free to create event and as many as you want.

-How can I support others?

Practice together, commenting their goals. Your support make a big difference to others.

-Why I don't get asked to set up a password for my account?

Password isn't very safe and you might forget, so we use login code.

-How can I sign out?

You can find sign out button in account sitting page.

-How can I have better chance to have people practice with? Have nice profile picture (a photo worth a thousand words works here to), tell people about you and how you would like to have someone practice with you. Be responsive so people know that you are availiable to practice with.

-Any other question?

Please email us at bebejambuddies@gmail.com, we will give back to you as soon as we can.